The relation between Overweight, weight gain, and kidney stone.

Kidney stone form when your body has built up too much calcium or other minerals. If a stone has seen large stones 3-4cm from within three months. If many stones forms over years and that may never pass through urine. Sometimes stones are caused by a urine tract infection this is known as infection stone.

Obesity plays a major role in kidney stone formation. Obesity is associated with offsetting hyperinsulinemia, metabolic imbalances that may cause to formation of calcium-containing kidney stones. Hyperinsulinemia may provide to calcium stones by increasing the urine excretion o calcium and large body may be increased excretion of urine acid and oxalate

Obesity and weight gain increase the exposure of kidney stone formation. Being obese almost doubles the chances of developing kidney stones. This condition is very painful and sometimes requires surgery to remove the kidney stone. It is very important to take the treatment of kidney stones. Because it not only for pain, but they can also damage kidneys by blocking the flow of urine and then bleeding and infection. Small kidney stone flow of uring, causing urinary tract infection and kidney damages.

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